Terms & Condition

By accessing or using thehouseofcaps website (“Website”) or placing any program order with the thehouseofcaps you agree to all of the following respective provisions and enter into a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) with the thehouseofcaps. The thehouseofcaps reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time by posting such modifications to the Website. Additionally, you agree to the terms and conditions posted in other areas of the Website. This Agreement’s terms and conditions supersede any terms and conditions supplied by you. Unless otherwise stated, U.S. Commercial Code prevails. All references to dates in this Agreement, except for the effective date of this Agreement, refer to the program year. In the case of terms pertaining to program ordering and shipment, the terms “you”, “your”, and variations thereof refer to the entity that is placing such order(s). In the case of terms pertaining to Website access or usage: (a) the terms “you”, “your”, and variations thereof refer to the entity accessing or using the Website and (b) you or the CAP may be each referred to as a “Party” and both you and the thehouseofcaps may be referred to as the “Parties”.

Program Ordering and Shipping

Where set forth in this Agreement that you shall contact the Contact Center, you shall contact Contact Center as follows:
Telephone: +972547777229
Email: Aelgrably137@gmail.com

The site reserves the right to change the published prices and ship dates for its programs. Prices quoted exclude taxes, shipping fees to selected regions, duties, and other applicable charges. All prices are subject to change without notice.


You shall use one of the following methods of payment:
Credit Card: Include number, expiration, cardholder’s name, and authorized signature.
Purchase Order: A purchase order indicates a future commitment to pay using one of the following methods:
Purchase Order # – indicate the purchase order number.
Letter of Authorization – If your institution does not use a purchase order system, a signed letter of authorization on your institution’s letterhead shall be included with your order. You shall include payment method (draft, bank transfer, etc.) information in your letter of authorization and enter “Letter of Auth” in the purchase order field of the Payment Information section.

Returns and Refunds

You shall provide the Thehouseofcaps with cancellations for PT/EQA program materials no later than six weeks prior to the ship date in order for you to receive credit for canceled programs. A refund shall not be issued for any paid shipping fees if the request is received within the six-week period prior to the first scheduled shipment date. The Thehouseofcaps does not accept the physical return of PT/EQA programs. Participants are responsible for all costs and expenses related to the return of anatomic pathology slide shipments to the Thehouseofcaps if the reason for such return is late program cancellation, refused shipment, or invalid ship-to address. Products not received in condition to perform testing for any reason may be rejected and discarded. You will receive either a full credit of the purchase price or the replacement of the products at no additional charge and with no additional cost of shipping. Publications that do not meet your expectations may be returned within 30 days of purchase, if in their original condition, to:

Copyright, Limited License, and Permitted Uses

The information accessible on the Website (including, but not limited to, the educational materials, scientific content, graphic designs, video, audio, photographic or literary content) is owned by the Thehouseofcaps, its business associates, or third parties. You are authorized to use this information provided on the Website solely for your personal use. You may not access or use this information for commercial, competitive, or any other purposes. You may not modify, republish, post, transmit, or distribute any information without the express written consent of the Thehouseofcaps. Thehouseofcaps expressly retains all right, title, and interest in and to its proprietary information. Your failure to adhere to these provisions may subject you to serious penalties under applicable copyright law.
Unless otherwise noted, all materials posted on the Website, including all images and the source code used to create elements of the Website, are copyrighted by the Thehouseofcaps. Except as indicated below or as permitted by Copyright , use of such material or source code without the express written consent of the Thehouseofcaps is prohibited.
Except as may otherwise be prohibited, permission to make digital or physical copies of part or all of this work for personal or classroom/educational use is granted, provided copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and provided further that the Thehouseofcaps copyright notice and full citation are included in the copies or displayed with full or partial images. Permission to make any other copies, to republish, to pull down servers, or redistribute to list servers requires prior written authorization from Thehouseofcaps.
You shall direct any requests for permission to use copyrighted material to Thehouseofcaps digital team. You agree to adhere to copyrights for material on this Website owned by parties other than Thehouseofcaps. You agree to adhere to specific copyright and disclaimer notices for cancer protocols and checklists, Laboratory Accreditation Program Checklists, Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, and other materials protected under copyright.

Definition and Use of Cookies on the Website

Thehouseofcaps may make use of cookies in providing you access to the Website. A cookie is a text-only string of information sent by a Web server to store on a Web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. This is useful for having the browser remember some specific information. The use of cookies on the Website is intended for both assisting access to specific areas of the site and gathering information about the use of the Website with the intention of improving content, focus, and navigation.

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